Entry Fees & Forms

View or download the entry fees information and entry forms as Adobe Reader PDF files using the links below.

Pro/Am and Amateur Entry Fees

Entry fees are per couple

Event VIP Package Holders “A” Package Holders Non-Package Holders
Pro/Am Closed & Open One-Dance events $30 per dance $35 per dance $38 per dance
Pro/Am Closed 3-Dance Multi-Dance Scholarship Championships $85 per entry $100 per entry $110 per entry
Pro/Am Open Multi-Dance Scholarship Championships $105 per entry $115 per entry $125 per entry
World Pro-Am DanceSport Series Championships $95 per entry $105 per entry $120 per entry
Solo Exhibitions / Showcases / Theatre Arts/P/A ShowRoutine $65 per entry $70 per entry $75 per entry
Adult Amateur Couples – Multi Dance Events — Bronze, Silver, Gold $25 per event $28 per event $33 per event
Adult Am. — All Others incl. Championships/Scholarships $30 per event $33 per event $38 per event
Juv/Jun Amateur Couples – All Single-Dance events $10 per dance $10 per dance $15 per dance
Jun/Jun-Multi-Dance events/Solo Exhibitions $20 per entry $20 per entry $30 per entry

Non-Package Holders, Pro/Am and Amateur:

Since package prices include admission tickets, competitors not on a Package plan will be required to purchase “Session Admission” tickets in addition to having paid their “competition entry fees”. To facilitate advance seating allocation, these session tickets will be added to your account if not included on a Ticket Purchase Form or a Summary Form. For competitions that run over 2 sessions, only evening Session fee will apply. In the event seating is not available, a “competitor pass” will be issued. Session tickets for Jun/Juv competitors are not required.

Professional Competition Entry Fees

Professional Events – American, International, Cabaret, Show-Routine
Open — $85 per event
Rising Star — $65 per event
Caberet, Show Routine — $65 per event


Partnership with only one package holder will pay 50% of entry fee. Non-Package holding professionals will be provided complimentary tickets to sessions in which they are competing

Cancellation and Refund Policy

  1. Paid entries received before the closing date and cancelled by June 17, 2013 will receive a full refund
  2. Paid entries received before the closing date and cancelled after June 17 but before July 1 will be charged for entries, not to exceed $100.
  3. There are no refunds for entry cancellations received after July 1.
  4. Any entry refunds due, having been cancelled by July 1, will be made within 45 days following the event.
  5. Pro-Am entries that are not refunded due to late cancellation will be counted toward top teacher awards for the teacher.
  6. Since we understand there are legitimate, unavoidable reasons for late cancellation, all entry fees that are not refunded due to late cancellation may be applied to the following “Can-Am”. Written request prior to the entered event will be necessary to remove these entries from Top Teacher point calculation and apply the fees to the following year.
  7. All cancellation of entries must be made in writing (fax/email). NO PHONE CANCELLATIONS ARE ACCEPTED.